I love Macau, its an incredible place, but one of the toughest parts of this event are the early starts! We were graced with a 5am sleep in today, before rising for some breakfast to get on circuit for 7:30, so much coffee was needed to fuel my brain before even considering mounting my Honda rocket 🙂 Unfortunately first practice didn’t go to plan, I could only do two laps as I was feeling very sick. Its a common thing when doing an Asian event what will all the travel, change of timezone, jetlag, change in diet, water etc, there are so many things that can cause the body to kick back, so I’m not worried, il get home shower and sleep and go back out later for qualifying so I should be ok . Got bike feeling good though which is great so fingers crossed I am feeling better later. I know you can watch all the coverage of our qualifying online, so il try hunt down a link for that and post it in my next update, but for now il add some pics and videos so you get a sense of pitlane 🙂