It was such a tough race for us today. My mistake, unfortunately I didn’t get the bike set up right, I took a chance on a different setting that I thought would work for the race but as often times these things go, we went the wrong way with settings and as a result I struggled to get a good pace . Got in the mix on start got up near top ten but I lost the front 3 times on the first lap and then one big moment on on second lap was enough to take away my confidence. Sorry to all who helped get me here and to the lads who have done a great job helping me over here, and all the support back home, I’ts a tough sport and a hard pill to swallow after the week the lads have put in and the efforts I have made myself, but it has just made me more determined to deliver next year, thats where all our focus lies now, preparing for 2017 and getting to grips with the new bikes! Thanks again to all and the lads worked so so hard all week and for all the messages and comments of support! Bmac111