So thats Qualifying 1 over and done with! I still wasn’t feeling great but started to get flow back thank god. My fast recovery is a testiment to how well the guys at GP fitness have prepared me, if i hadnt been in top shape ive no doubt I wouldn’t be as well recovered as I am. In fairness to Shane Wogan at Wogan Performance, the bike feels real punchy and hasnt missed a beat, and Dave Alvin and Jim Halligan worked hard to get bike handling well so we are in great shape for this stage of the week.The weather is really hot and humid here, its a dead type of heat so we are going through cold wet towels fast 🙂 I only got 15 laps done in the heat. I managed to get myself up the time sheet but I still feel like I have more to come yet. A good sleep tonight and good feed and then up for 7.30 In morning qualifying 2 . Mad crowd and supported here it’s great fun let’s hope weather holds up!

Image credits:Roger Chen