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Macau Diary – Race Day

It was such a tough race for us today. My mistake, unfortunately I didn't get the bike set up right, I took a chance on a different setting that I thought would work for the race but as often times these things go, we went the wrong way with settings and as a result I [...]

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Macau Diary – Q2

In Q2 (Qualifying 2) this morning I was settling in nice into a grove when unfortunately we had a part break on the bike which meant I had no option but to pull in. Fair play to the lads Dave, and Alvin who sorted the issue and got me back out for last few minutes. [...]

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Macau Diary – Qualifying 1

So thats Qualifying 1 over and done with! I still wasn't feeling great but started to get flow back thank god. My fast recovery is a testiment to how well the guys at GP fitness have prepared me, if i hadnt been in top shape ive no doubt I wouldn't be as well recovered as [...]

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Macau Diary Day 1

I love Macau, its an incredible place, but one of the toughest parts of this event are the early starts! We were graced with a 5am sleep in today, before rising for some breakfast to get on circuit for 7:30, so much coffee was needed to fuel my brain before even considering mounting my Honda [...]

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TAG Racing IRL to British Superstock 1000 for 2017

  TAG Racing IRL to British Superstock 1000 for 2017 TAG Racing IRL set out ambitious plans for 2017   In line with a full international Road Racing Program including the Isle of Man TT, Ulster Grand Prix and Northwest 200, TAG Racing have also laid down plans to compete with a two rider team [...]

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